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RS485 to USB Converter Adapter with FTDI Chip for Smart Meter Transparent Shell - BA761JO94

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  • USB serial RS485 adapter

  • FT232 USB RS485 adapter

  • Chipset :FT232+SP485EE

  • Pinout: GND,DATA+, DATA-, VCC, Half duplex, non-isolated Shell type, openable with screws terminals

  • Support Android, Support Win 8, Win 7, XP, 2000, Linix, Mac OS,Mac, Android, Win8, Win10, FT232+SP485 USB RS485

  • converter, USB RS485 adapter FTDI
    EKM blink rs485 to usb converter
    USB serial RS485 adapter
    FT232 USB RS485 adapter
    Support EEPROM, support Vendor ID re-write,support Mprog
    Support FTDI VCP driver and D2XX driver
    Pinout: ,GND,DATA+, DATA-, VCC
    Application: EKM blink usb to rs-485 converter(470R pull and down resistors and need to use with EKM dash software) Our USB Converter, translates the RS-485 signal from the meters to a signal that can be understood by your computer and our EKM Dash software. This is an inexpensive device that will work well if you want to read your meters locally (on-site). You can connect up to 256 meters on 4000 feet of twisted pair wire to this converter.
    We recommend this USB converter to all customers who purchase any of our v.3 Omnimeters or v.4 Omnimeters. It is really handy for making meter settings (in particular) and for reading your meters directly. We especially recommend it for users of the EKM Push system which cannot yet make meter settings.
    This converter uses a chip that is manufactured by FTDI, which is much more robust, reliable, and easier to use than competing chips. The terminal blocks are tiny, so we include a small screwdriver with each USB Converter so that they can be opened and closed more easily.
    This new model of USB Converter has a transparent case, which allows it to show a visual indication of successful meter reads. This is shown with a red blinking LED bulb, that flashes as successful reads are made.
    In order to use this converter please download and install the USB driver. Works with most modern (Mac OSX, Windows, Linux) operating systems.
    Check out the Communication Diagram showing the USB converter connected to up to 256 meters.
    Works with all of our RS-485 smart meters including our v.3 O

    RS485 to USB Converter Adapter with FTDI Chip for Smart Meter Transparent Shell - BA761JO94

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